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"My Beautiful World" (listen below)

From Christian's CD Journey on Hold

Oh My Beautiful World words and music Christian Wilde

In six days I created you and I was very proud,

I stood back from my masterpiece and I signed it with a cloud

I painted your sky in a heavenly shade of blue, but Oh My Beautiful World, What Have My Children Done To You?

 I knelt down on my bended knee, made your valleys, hills and springs., Bringing fish upon your rivers, I wrote the song

the sparrow sings. And wasn’t it yesterday when everything was new, but Oh My Beautiful World, What Have My Children Done To You?

Times I look upon you and I think I'd end it all!  Then a child kneels to say a prayer and I let the notion fall.  I help him grow to be a man, praying he'll make things better.  You pray to God but he prays to you, we're in this world together, together, together!

I sent someone to walk your roads so you might know how to love,

but still the cannons break the calm, they've killed my peaceful dove.

Now they have hidden your face with a cloud that destroys my view.

Oh My Beautiful World, what have my children done to you?  What have they done to you?

Sung by, Christian Wilde


My Beautiful World

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