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HEART HEALTH SUPPORT: For statin and Non statin users
Wilde Research Ltd

HEART HEALTH SUPPORT: For statin and Non statin users

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In 1925, Henrik Dam, Ph.D., a Danish biochemist, discovered vitamin K but it would take until 2013 for the nutrient to live down its dubious title as the “forgotten vitamin.”  It is vitamin K2 menaquinone as MK7 but not vitamin K1 that is now recognized to help support the heart and cardiovascular system, including systems that mediate against calcification,  (hardening in the arteries), heart valves, breast tissue, lungs, brain, kidneys and also supports the regulation of nutrients (e.g.calcium) in bones.

Today it is no longer a mystery how calcium departs the bone where it was designed to remain and finds its way into soft tissues of the heart and other organs. The leaching of calcium coupled with the ensuing deposits in soft tissues may lead to long term health issues. A proper balance of K2 MK7 helps the body maintain and hold calcium harmlessly in the bone. K2 is critical to  heart health as are at least 6  other nutrients  included in the formula.

COENZYME Q-10 (an essential nutrient)

We tend to think of this nutrient in terms of it's relationship to statin drug therapy but it is independently required by every cell in the body and most  assuredly by our heart muscle. As we age it is believed our bodies production of Co-Q10 diminishes  about 20% per decade for both men and women until by our later years the production is severely impaired.

According to a Mayo Clinic report, Co-Q10 has been found helpful when used in combination with other herbs and supplements. A 5 year Swedish study presented in the International Journal of Cardiology, reviewed the benefits of combining Co-Q10 with selenium as lowering cardiovascular mortality by 49%.

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