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Listener Reviews:


Nourishment for the Soul

This CD is nourishment for the soul. Christian has a magnificent voice with an amazing range. The songs he has written, plus standards like, You'll Never Wal...

– Kathleen Welch


You'll Never Walk Alone

This has always been one of my favorite songs and Christian's rendition is the best I have heard!

– Arnie Kogan


Danny Boy, The Rose, Amazing Grace, You'll Never Walk Alone

I so enjoyed all of the songs on this CD. Christian has a wonderful voice and you can feel the emotions of each song. Danny Boy has a very very special emoti...

– Becky Stadtlander


A Rich And Golden Voice

If you want to listen to an amazingly rich and golden voice, I highly encourage you to purchase this beautiful CD by Christian Wilde displaying music from th...

– P.Henry



The Yellow Rose of Texas Does Well In Tennessee

Seattle In The Rain

Danny Boy

Amazing Grace

Its a Long Way

Endangered Species

Lulu's Red Dress

  1. The Rose **
  2. Julianne

  3. The Yellow Rose Of Texas Does Well In Tennessee

  4. Seattle In The Rain

  5. Danny Boy

  6. The Farmer And The Showgirl

  7. Amazing Grace ***

  8. One Night Stands Are All Fleeting Glory

  9. You’re An Endangered Specie

  10. Oh, My Beautiful World

  11. It’s A Long Way

  12. You’ll Never Walk Alone

  13. Lulu’s Red Dress

  14. Geese Mate For Life


  All songs, words & music by Christian Wilde except,

                 The Rose by Amanda McBroom **

                Amazing Grace by John Newton ***

You'll Never Walk Alone by Rogers and Hammerstein

                      Danny Boy by Wetherly


         *Seattle In the Rain and It's A Long Way  Arranged by Don Hockett

                 Produced by Christian Wilde 

          All applicable international rights reserved © 2010


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