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Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke
Abigon Press LLC

Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke (Inflammation, cardiology’s new frontier)

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Ronald Lawrence, MD, Ph.D., An appointed member of 4 governmental National Health Boards. "After my more than 50 years in the medical profession, you have even opened my eyes, I am convinced the information you present will save many lives. I just finished reading your extensive chapter on fibrinogen, You have been visionary in your early identification of what may well turn out to be the next major breakthrough in heart attack and stroke prevention."

John Rumberger, MD, Ph D. FACC, Professor of Medicine, Ohio State Univesity and Mayo Clinic and former Director of Cardiology. "Until this book, a reliable resource for the patient was simply not available as the subject is vast and complicated. Christian's style is conversational and informative and should be read by clinicians as well."

Gregory Guldner, MD, MS, FACEP, Director of Emergency Medicine, Residency Program, Loma Linda University Medical Center. Much of what Christian suggests today is destined to become a standard medical practice in the next decade. No other reference - so succinctly discusses the myriad of ways heart attack or stroke that are always lurking over our shoulders."

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