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CDC, 200,000 People Die Needlessly Per Year

  • There is a relatively new test called the LP PLAC 2 which gives an advanced warning of vulnerability of plaque that might be moving closer to rupture.

  • PV determines (plasma viscosity) and tracks the thickness and stickiness of blood plasma.

  • Interleukin 6 for inflammation and a whole family of 23 interleukins which are pro-inflammatory markers. Cytokines can indicate where inflammation is coming from, heart, cancer, RA OA.  This is not routine testing but if the doctor is trying to find the source of elevated inflammation or infection he or she might be looking here. Of course the very important HS CRP. Vitamin D hydroxy 25 and magnesium particularly for  heart rhytyms are very important.  Sub-fractions of your LDL and HDL cholesterol and the ratio are very valuable tests in finding your hidden cholesterol risk profile.

  • "Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke" (inflammation, (cardiology's new frontier) goes into much detail on conditions in heart disease and natural solutions.