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What is the Heart Attack risk over the next ten years?





The Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke was not
only written to help you minimize your risk of heart
disease and stroke but also to benefit individuals who
have already experienced prior events. The information
you will read will help you in becoming a more proactive,
empowered patient; able to present your case
intelligently when interfacing with your doctor. You will
very shortly become intimately familiar with diagnostic
blood tests that for the first time in medical history are
able to guide your doctor, in identifying many of the
inherited mechanisms. Hidden inherited mechanisms that
even now may be silently threatening your life and eventually
your children’s, as co-inheritors of genetic heart
attack and stroke risk factors. The good news is that once
these mechanisms are identified, the only remedy is often
found in natural medicine. If, however, you assume you
can take a passive back seat role by simply believing the
doctor is aware of all the latest breakthrough information,
you may be disappointed. Much of what you will be presented
will not be routinely applied in doctors’ offices for
several years. The research community is 15-20 years ahead
of the practicing office and what you will learn, will now
put you on the “cutting edge.” It might surprise you to
know that eighty percent of the dysfunctions you will
learn about are not identified with routine blood work
ordered during your annual physicals. Can you or I—or
our families—afford to wait? You are the guardian of
those you love. Should you not become a knowledgeable
advocate in your own family’s healthcare?
The Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke will be
your guide. You may not as yet be aware of it, but heart
disease or stroke will ultimately affect every one of us. If
not directly, then indirectly, through our parents, grandparents,
spouses, our own children or dear friends.
Unfortunately, one out of every two deaths in our country
will be attributed to some related form of heart
disease—and no one is immune.
Experience may have taught us a great deal about our
particular business or our favorite hobby. We know exactly
what constitutes good instruction and good business
practice. However, when it comes to the most important
aspect of our lives, our health, most patients are inhibited
and intimidated because of a lack of knowledge, causing
us to refrain from asking even the basic questions. Reticent
of appearing stupid, we just nod our collective heads
indicating, “whatever you say doc.” Sound familiar? We
are struck with “white coat fever.”
It is my sincerest hope that after absorbing the information
you will be presented in this book, gathered from
many of the most applauded and respected physicians,
scientists and researchers, you will become very aware of
your own cardiovascular system, having learned much of
the relevant medical terminology and thereby feeling far
less intimidated. You will be prepared to ask well-informed,
intelligent questions about diagnosis and prevention. While
cholesterol is vitally important, it is not all, just about
cholesterol, and as important as what the book will teach
you about inflammation, it is not all just about inflammation.
There are many other contributing factors which you
will read about in Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and
Stroke. Any one of them in your particular profile could be
the Achilles heel, therefore you need to be aware of the full
spectrum of risk factors. The information is not meant to
alarm you; the only thing that should be alarming is walking
around with an undiagnosed, untreated time bomb in
your body. We are taking on the number one killer in our
nation, and no holds are barred. You have a huge stake in
this fight. Why, in this day of advanced technology and
science, should something as miniscule and seemingly
insignificant as a tiny clot of blood be allowed to destroy
an entire family’s happiness? Why in this day of modern
medicine should this intruder be allowed to steal a father,
grandparent or mother away from her children without
even so much as a warning? How dare this enemy be
allowed to invade your life or mine! The Hidden Causes of
Heart Attack and Stroke will lead you on this preventive